In Play8oy online casino, they only provide mobile slot games, no live casino games, no sports betting or other services, and only provide mobile platforms (ie Android version and IOS version). But most of the slot games they provide are considered the famous and most popular mobile slot games, such as WuKong, Ocean King 2, Fong Shen slot games, Three […]

Dragon Palace Wukong

It is believed that “Journey to the West” was written and published anonymously by Wu Chengen in the 16th century. Literary scholar and former U.S. ambassador to the United States, Hu Shi wrote that Wu’s hometown had long attributed it to Wu, and this record was preserved as early as 1625. Therefore, according to Ambassador Hu, “Journey to the West” […]

Pirate’s Treasure

The theme is not particularly good. The graphics feel a bit rushed and basic. This topic has been done many times before, and it is better. However, like all other mFortune slot machines, this pirate treasure slot game can be played perfectly on all the devices we have tried, whether it is on WiFi or phone network, you can be […]

Three Kingdom

“Three Kingdoms” is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot provided by Red Tiger Gaming. It can be played every time you spin 20 pence. It has a Chinese theme and you can choose which of the 3 kingdoms to play. The 3 Warrior Kings are wild and can be expanded at will to take over the entire game. Randomly look for a […]

Dragon Legend

Dragon dominates the reel and is a wild symbol, usually stacking 3 symbols to keep you interesting while playing the basic game. With 9 paylines, the pay table is quite generous and you can win up to 1500 times your bet. Not bad Therefore, the good news is that free spins bonus rounds often appear and are easy to catch; […]

Fortune Feast

For slot games, Forest Fest is quite intuitive, and there are only a few steps between you and the potential big winner. The game consists of 10 fixed paylines distributed on 5 reels. All winning combinations of symbols that happen to fall on any payline will trigger a specific cash prize. The (+) and (-) buttons below the wheel help […]

Fame & Fortune

Fame and fortune repeated many favorite plans: it offers five carousels with 20 paylines. Of course, the jackpot system uses real-time gaming-completely universal, it can be said to be the best solution proposed by slot machine manufacturers. Progressive awards are the main awards, but hopes to achieve this goal for many years are futile. The second prize is an ordinary […]