Polar Adventure

Polar Adventure

When you see your car here about to stop working, you might as well get used to sledding. The transportation that attracts you can bring a variety of coins, depending on the number of sledges you find: three equals 15 credits, four equals 25 credits, and five equals 50 credits.

The brave husky scores much higher on the scale, and is obviously higher in money than many littering Arctic amenities. Granting three packs does not bring too much dough, but four to five packs and you can see up to 250 coins.

Naturally, you are at the top of the food chain and the income you bring is more than most people can afford; if you find five male polar explorers, you can have 2500 credits. Of course, since this is a slot machine and that is a WorldMatch slot machine, the chance of getting the amount is small. Not without, but still unlikely.

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