Fountain Of Youth

Fountain Of Youth

The Fountain of Youth has 3 reels and 3 winning routes, which can take you to a charming place where wildlife can produce surprising results. Sitting in a pond full of water lilies, you will find slot machines. The paytable, line and line betting regulator, auto play, fast mode and spin buttons are located below the reels. Your total wins and bets will always be displayed, as well as your funds.

In terms of payment, there are only five symbols on the reels, but there are eight different winning combinations! First, the fountain is the symbol with the highest payout, but the winning value will depend on the winning line it falls into. Landing three fountains on victory line 3 will get 800 coins to win, the fountain on victory line 2 will reward 600 coins for winning, but making those fountain symbols fall on victory line 1 will get 1400 coins to pay. Regardless of where the other symbols fall, wages are in accordance with the regulations. 250 coins for the Golden Butterfly Award, 125 coins for the Blue Bird Award, 60 coins for the Frog Award, and 30 coins for the White Lily Award. Any three symbols on the winning line will trigger 4 coin payments.

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